Since 2013 Epigaze AUDIO has held to the relentless pursuit of end-user-inspired audio effects pedals. We provide innovative solutions to the problems facing the modern guitarist. Quite simply, we make products that we love and take pride in every step, from initial design to the addition on your pedalboard. Our goal is to inspire you and be part of the music you create. We understand that the discerning guitarist has many great options for effects along the journey on the narrow road of TONE – as your journey continues we hope to earn and maintain your business and respect along the way.


Epigaze AUDIO started in 2013 by Josh Alley. The company was driven by the love for simplicity, rock and roll, and all things cosmic. Several years later Arthur Ingraham started Tailored FX from an intrigue of modifying pedals. He began prototyping and designing what would later become the Civic Crown overdrive.


Art and his wife, Lindsay, had a dream of adopting a little one from Haiti. The cost was holding them back until Art had the idea of launching a pedal to help fund the adoption and the Civic Crown was born. The Civic Crown, an original circuit successfully launched on Kickstarter. The overdrive sounds great, whether used for gain stacking or utility for multi-guitar rigs. After the successful launch of the Civic Crown, Art gained a partner, Brandon Schoch. A programmer by day, the skill-set allowed expansion into electronic chipsets.


Art and Josh worked on several projects together, including Art’s design of PCBs and circuits, and Josh’s artwork design. Then in 2016, Tailored FX acquired Epigaze AUDIO. The TFX chapter closed in order to pour all energy into Epigaze AUDIO. We still carry the spirit of adoption/foster care and donate a percentage of all sales.


In May of 2017 Epigaze AUDIO re-launched the Civic Crown under the Epigaze brand. This is the first of many exciting releases!