Mark Johnston Plays Through Ascension Reverb at NAMM

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Mark Johnston stopped by the Balaguer Guitars booth at Winter NAMM to check out some sweet guitars and our upcoming release, Ascension Reverb. Thanks for doing a little demo Mark and thanks for the kind words. You can check out the whole video by clicking on the picture below. One of my absolute highlights of NAMM this year was getting to check out the new Ascension Reverb.... The pad sounds absolutely massive and cool and drives a LOT of inspiration. And, effects loop for the pad. How cool? Very cool. The reverb itself is gorgeous and delicate [...]

Premier Guitar Adds Ascension Reverb to NAMM Day 3 Gallery

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Premier Guitar stopped by the Balaguer Guitars booth and took a bit of time to check out Epigaze AUDIO's upcoming Spring 2018 release of the Ascension Reverb. We were stoked about the nice things they had to stay about this reverb. Forgive the backward metaphor, but Epigaze Audio went really deep with their new Ascension Reverb. ... the Ascension does all of them really well and offers very thoughtful control's that maximize control and the expressive range of each mode.

Best Guitar Effects Names Ascension Reverb in Top 28 Pedals at Summer NAMM

2018-01-19T03:19:39+00:00July 27th, 2017|News|

We were blown away by response to the Ascension Reverb Prototype at Summer NAMM 2017. It was everything and more than we hoped for. We are working double-time to get this released later this year. Best Guitar Effects names the Ascension Reverb #3 on their 28 best guitar effects at Summer NAMM 2017. Here's a little of what they had to say. First of all, this is hands down the prettiest prototype I’ve ever laid eyes on, but looks aren’t everything; even if it instantly caught my eye, I couldn’t have expected what came out of [...]

Ascension Reverb Prototype Receives Rave Reviews at Summer NAMM

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Epigaze AUDIO sent the Ascension Reverb Prototype to Summer NAMM 2017 and we have received so many rave reviews! Here's what some said: Walrus Audio Effects Gotta say, one of the coolest things we got to try was this prototype from @epigazeaudio. Watch out for this one folks, it's gonna be an #ambientnotes machine! jzamphillips You like that freaking key select of the pad? Yea. Good find. mattoverse Tried it, it's very cool! staygoldenjohnnyboyyy I've never been more excited for a pedal _unodostrey_ I played around with this pedal today and it is absolutely amazing. I wish I could [...]

Ascension Reverb Prototype at Summer NAMM

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July 11, 2017: Introducing the Ascension Reverb Prototype for Summer NAMM 2017. See it at the BigEar NYC booth 859. The Ascension Reverb was designed to assist users in the creation of inspiring layers of ambiance in a simplistic, yet distinct manner. The ascension reverb contains three modes: Hall, Modulated Hall, & Shimmer. It also has the added capability to layer-in ambient octaves under the guitar signal to enrich the sound and smooth live performance song transitions via the on-board pad volume roller knob. The Reverb unit offers three controls: Height, Ethos, and Mix. On all [...]

Epigaze AUDIO Releases the Civic Crown Overdrive Pedal

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Racine, WI – May 31, 2017: Epigaze Audio is proud to announce the Civic Crown Overdrive. Overdrive units such as the tubescreamer and bluesbreaker are common for a reason –they do what they do well and can be added to most any rig with success. The Civic Crown is an original circuit that represents Epigaze Audio's venture into this space – a overdrive pedal that will sound good in any rig. The Civic Crown includes the internal switches for headroom and bass boost as well as the 3 band EQ allowing users a wide range of [...]